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BORN: 1970
NATIONALITY: Jamaican/British
AGE: 45

Nimroy Hendricks was born in Jamaica, one of six siblings, growing up in the country, and mountains, in a place called...nonsuch. Nimroys family had a farm where they grew lots of kitchen herbs, such as parsley, celery, dill, fennel, coriader, basil, chives, spearmint, oregano, and marjom. These would supplied to the local hotels around portland. The family also had animals on the farm including horses, cows, goats, dogs, cats, chickens. Nimroy.spent most of his time outdoors tending to the running of the farm.


Growing up he was involved in drama and singing in the local school.During this time Nimroy was exposed to a wide variety of music, including reggae, rock, blues, soul, jazz, pop, and gospel. Main influences include Luther Vandross, Barbara Streisand, Little Richard, Smokey Robinson, and Bob Marley(naturally),  During church on Sundays Nimroy would sing/recite poems and act in plays too. Even in those early times his lyrics were very prolific. He would begin writing at the age of 12.


In the villiage of Nonsuch Nimroy used to see these musicains on the street side playing their guitars and spent lots of time watching them, and wishing he was playing the guitar himself. Over time they got to know each and began to jam together, and that's when he began to sing and became part of the music from a musician/band perspective. Every Sunday they always got together, with other people from the villiage.  Everybody would join in with musicians. They had Stanley on keyboards/acoustic guitar, Johnny on bass, Reggie on the trombone, Kitchener on banjo,  and Mr White on percussion.They often went to other places to play where they met other musicians. This is where the music really began for Nimroy.


Nimroy held an apprenticeship under Johnny Walker, who taught Nimroy painting and decorating. Having learnt the trade, he took his skills to London England in 95' and has  successfully owned his own decorating company for over 20 years now. Nimroy wrote lots of songs being on the job even writing on the wall paper! He also met Ray who would be good friend and partner. He believed in Nimroy's music and was a constant source of inspiration and encouragment to him.They worked together throughout the years covering most of England painting and restoring schools, universities, shopping centres, etc ...


All this traveling allowed Nimroy to meet legeandary producers and musicians including Dave Goodmann (Sex Pistols) and Euin McKenner from the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. Upon hearing Nimroys songs complete with lyrics and melody, it was easy to create the music. These sessions woud result in fantastic musical compositions and collaberations.

Nim has always believed in the  positive vibration and therapy that music brings. He says "Music brings healing to the people, and I'm glad to be apart of the great musical fraternity."


Right now we are in the finishing stages of the album, including 11 tracks in all. Many of the songs made in his early days in Nonsuch are featured here. We've recorded a music video called"King Jah" and are just finishing off the songs with full brass, and backing vocals. Well enough said for now, please have a listen to the music, and let us know what you think! Bless...






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