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Nimroy Hendricks

Singer, Songwriter, Musician .

Artist Bio:

Nimroy Hendricks

Hendricks has been writing songs from wheen he was a young man in Jamaica. He is unique in the fact that he's songs are created with melody, so it just a matter of building the track around his vocal. His message is one of a warning to the world in its current state, but he also offers a message of hope....


Album receives finishing touches by the likes of Vin Gordan & True Identity.

With the album coming along strong, we decided to go that extra step furthur adding a full brass section comprised of the Legendary Vin Gordon and horns players from the up and coming Resonators band. This adding a whole new dimension to the music! We then got True Identity to lay the backing vocals. These three sisters again bring a needed fullness to the music. Their melodies are that of strength and beauty. They are truely at the top of their game here in the U.K. So what lesson did we learn in the making of this album. It's worth going the extra mile...Don't rush it!!!


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